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Since 2019, our success in helping the community has been made possible. Thanks to people just like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, you are truly able to make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change other people's lives for the better.

Pantry Items

Donate the leftover canned food in your pantry before the expiry date. We will put them all in the grocery corner shop and sell them cheap to the people and families in need.

Money Donation

To support the up running and operation of various activities of our charity, you can donate money directly to our charity. Regular direct debit is welcome. 

Any donation over $2 will receive gift deductible receipts for taxation purpose. 

Donation account:

Account name: HungerZero Ltd

Bank: Westpac Bank Corporation

BSB: 032 080

Account number: 613 398

Reference: Your Name - Donation

Note: Please provide your email address if you want to receive tax deductible receipts for taxation purpose

Buy a luxury wine gift basket from our shop at $100 for your beloved one on special occasions like Birthdays, Valentines' Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas Day, New Year Day. The luxury basket is individually wrapped beautifully to suit every event. Not only do you get a hamper, you are also indirectly donating money to our charity on behalf of your loved one! A tax deductible receipt of $50 will be emailed to you. Please order here. 

What's included in the luxury basket:

- A bottle of wine Terra Felix Mourvedre 2009 Bendigo Award Winner

- Seasonal fruit and food

- (Postage excluded, we appreciate pick up directly from our warehouse located at North Rocks)

Order directly now!

Bequests or Gifts in Wills

Have  you and your family considered providing a bequest or gift in your will to HungerZero?

By leaving a bequest or gift to HungerZero, you will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of individuals who are disadvantaged.

Your gift will be your lasting legacy that will make a real difference to enriching the lives of other people we support at HungerZero. Your generosity will enable us to build and maintain our various programs and activities and it will further enhance the services and opportunities we can offer our community.

The HungerZero team is grateful for all gifts and donations we receive, regardless of the amount. They are much appreciated.

If you have made a decision to leave a gift in your Will for HungerZero, please let us know so we can be in touch and ensure we have the details recorded accurately.

Options for Leaving a Bequest or Gift in your Will

In considering how you wish to distribute your estate, we understand that you will want to look after your loved ones first and respect that this is an important decision. We encourage you to discuss your ideas with your family and consider the options for leaving a gift or bequest in your will.

If you are creating a Will or updating an existing one, HungerZero recommends that you seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or legal professional to ensure your Will is valid and your wishes are expressed correctly. To find a suitable solicitor you can contact the Law Society.

What is the difference between a Bequest and a Gift?

Gifts are freely given with no conditions attached. Bequests may have conditions attached to them and may need special consideration by HungerZero.

There are a number of gift options you can leave in your Will:

Residual gift – the remainder of your Estate after specific gifts have been disbursed to loved ones and expenses have been settled

A percentage – a flexible way to provide a percentage of the residue or the entire estate

Fixed amount – a specific amount of funds

An asset – this can include shares, real estate, or other items of value.

Suggested Wording for a Gift in Your Will:

Once you have decided on the type of gift you would like to provide, your solicitor will need these details in order to include the correct wording in your Will. Some suggested wording for including a gift to HungerZero is outlined below. You can ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate statement.

“I give free of all duties or taxes…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement from the six options below]

  1. the whole of my estate

  2. [insert number] percent of my estate

  3. the residue of my estate

  4. [insert number] percent of the residue of my estate

  5. the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]

  6. [insert number] of my [insert name of shares] or specific property

…to HungerZero Ltd (ABN 11 635 128 942) of 117/14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks NSW 2151 for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor.”

Other Legacy Gifting Responsibilities 

There are also other ways you may wish to support HungerZero in perpetuity such as through making provisions in Trusts, Foundations and Endowment Funds in which income is distributed annually to a beneficiary organisation such as HungerZero. We recommend you discuss these possibilities with the relevant trustees for those funds with your solicitor.

HungerZero will always respect your privacy and understand that your Will is personal to you. We will also manage your gift with integrity, respect and gratitude, ensuring it is used for the greatest good.

Next Steps:

Your Will is an important legal document and needs to accurately reflect your final wishes. We recommend you consult with a qualified solicitor or legal representative who is experienced in Wills. 

If you already have a Will, it is possible to make changes with your qualified legal representative, in the form of a Codicil, which amends the terms of the Will to reflect your intentions to include a gift or bequest to HungerZero Ltd.

If you intend to include HungerZero Ltd in your Will, please let your loved ones and executors know about your intentions, so they are aware of your decision in leaving a gift or bequest which will enrich the lives of other disadvantaged people far beyond your lifetime.

Contact Us

If you would like further information or have any questions please contact Peggy Lee, Chief Executive Officer of HungerZero Ltd, on 0406 160 888  or

Your details will be managed confidentially and in compliance with Privacy Laws in Australia.

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Volunteer Your Time

HungerZero needs your support all the times to keep the operations running without disruption. We are supported by a lot of kind hearted volunteers who devote their valuable time, energy and efforts to participate in the charity. If you can spare your time during school hours, after school hours, or just want to make friends from other circles, please do not hesitate to contact us to join our fun and energetic team!